Elevate Your Website with Blozum's Advanced Features
Experience a New Era of User Interaction and Engagement
GenAI Based Search-Chat

Precision in Search:

  1. Search Powerhouse: Blozum's GenAI-driven search is engineered for precision and speed.
  2. Instantly Find What You Need: No more sifting through pages - find products, information, and services instantly with our AI-powered search

Chat Expertise

  1. Your 24/7 Virtual Assistant: Blozum's AI chatbot is at your users' service around the clock, providing expert guidance.
  2. Human-Like Conversations: Engage users with real-time, interactive chats that feel natural, courtesy of our AI chatbot.

The Perfect Duo

  1. Search + Chat: Blozum seamlessly blends the precision of search with the conversational power of chat through our advanced AI technology.
  2. Personalized Guidance: Provide users with tailored recommendations, guiding them to the perfect choices using our AI chatbot
Context Awareness

Smart Conversations: Blozum uses multiple Language Models (LLMs) to ensure context-aware responses in every conversation."

Every Interaction Counts: Conversations adapt to your industry, providing the most relevant information using our multiple LLMs

Tailored to You

Customized for You: Blozum tailors conversations to match user preferences and requirements, thanks to our multiple LLMs.

Dynamic Interactions: AI comprehends context, ensuring every conversation flows naturally using our multiple LLMs.

Voice Assistant Available
Hands-Free Interaction

Voice Commands: Users can control Blozum using voice commands for a hands-free experience, enabled by our voice assistant feature.

Accessibility for All: Ensure your website is accessible to users with different abilities, with the help of our voice assistant feature.

Effortless Engagement

Simplify Interactions: Users can effortlessly engage, search, and inquire through voice technology, made possible by our voice assistant.

Enhanced Convenience: Voice integration adds a new layer of ease to your website's user experience, offered through our voice assistant.

90 Languages Supported
Global Reach

Connect Globally: Blozum supports an impressive 90 languages, connecting you to diverse audiences worldwide, enhancing global reach

Global Inclusivity: Serve users in their preferred language, fostering a sense of belonging with our multilingual support.

Expanding Horizons

Explore New Markets: Effortlessly reach new markets and audiences with multilingual support, expanding your horizons

Multilingual Advantage: Expand your global presence and diversify your user base with our multilingual support.

Instant CRM and Inventory Integration
Operational Efficiency

Real-Time Updates: Blozum connects seamlessly to your CRM and inventory systems for instant updates, boosting operational efficiency.

Customer Support on Steroids: Access customer data and purchase history for personalized assistance through our integrated CRM system

Streamlined Inventory Management

Optimize Inventory: Ensure product availability and streamline inventory management with ease, thanks to our seamless integration with inventory systems.

Enhanced Efficiency: Save time and resources with Blozum's effortless backend integration, streamlining inventory management.

Salesperson Experience
Guided Shopping

In-Store Sales Experience: Blozum replicates the support of an in-store salesperson, guiding users through their journey for a personalized shopping experience

Personal Touch: Suggest products based on user preferences, just like an expert sales associate, enhancing the shopping experience.

Boosting Sales

Increase Conversions: Blozum's attentive, sales-oriented conversations boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction, ultimately enhancing sales.

Elevate Your E-commerce: Turn browsers into buyers with Blozum's interactive, personalized approach, boosting overall e-commerce sales.

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