Blozum: Advanced AI Chat Assistants for Enhanced Website Conversions

Ready in 60 seconds:
Increase Conversions 3X with Blozum's Sales Co-pilot

You simply provide your knowledge base and we do the rest. Our Co-pilot becomes your best salesperson, answering queries and selling products. 24x7x365.

No credit card required

Digital Sales Assistants: Your 24/7 Sales Force

The only full-stack generative AI platform for your Enterprise, powered by the Scale Data Engine.

Seamless Fusion

Imagine your best salesperson talking to your platform visitors without your intervention - 24X7. Our copilots will deliver instant answers and make human-like conversations, trained on your company’s knowledge base.

Relevant CTAs: Instant Customer Conversion

Our AI increases the likelihood of purchase by providing relevant product/services recommendations based on user interactions and preferences. Like your best human salesperson.

Customised Purchase Journeys

Our copilot streamlines the purchase journey by answering queries and guiding customers about your business. It also suggests the right products at the right time to the right customers.

Effortless Integration and Ongoing Support

"Revolutionize User Engagement: Blozum is not just a search tool, it's an engaging conversation that keeps users coming back for more."

Key Benefits

Simple Setup, Powerful Impact

Integrating Blozum's digital assistants is a breeze, with compatibility across various platforms ensuring a hassle-free launch. Start transforming your sales process with minimal setup time.

Data-Driven Optimization

Leverage the power of AI with continuous learning algorithms that optimize interactions based on real-time data, refining the sales process to deliver peak performance and maximum ROI.

Real Time Testing

Use our Builder to create your assistant in seconds. Try the product on your own website’s data before you pay for it.

Build your own Assistant in seconds

AI Powered Product Suite: Beyond Traditional Chatbots

Discover our innovative offerings that combine the best of search engines with the personal touch of human-like chat, designed to maximize conversions

Why use Blozum ?

"Revolutionize User Engagement: Blozum is not just a search tool, it's an engaging conversation that keeps users coming back for more."

Key Benefits

AI-Powered Personalization

Our AI understands user intent and preferences, delivering tailored results and suggestions.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Blozum into your website or application, creating a more user-friendly environment.

Quick Setup

Our 'Bot Builder' can craft a custom chatbot for your site in just two minutes, harnessing the power of AI.

Crafted for Industries: Blozum's Use Case Highlights

Delve into the sectors we serve, showcasing the prowess of our products in delivering tailored solutions across industries

Build your own Assistant in seconds

Built for multiple use cases

GenAI based Conversational Chat

Embed our smart search bar and decrease customer activation times.

Customer Support

Resolve 50% of support tickets instantly with our AI chatbot that lives in your help center.

Customer support & ticket creation

Give your entire sales team instant technical knowledge, reducing wait-times, streamlining engagement and amplifying ROI.

Intelligent Sales Co-pilot

Speed up adoption times with personalized assistants that knows your product inside out.

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